Experimental Carbon Capture Sustainable Fountain

This fountain uses algae to combat excessive carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Algae uses the process of photosynthesis and is quick and efficient at it’s carbon sequestering task. Get this, algae also consumes nitrates found in wastewater! Harvested algae is a biomass used in smoothies or supplements, as compost, and fertilizer.
The 2-in-1 Collect n’ Grow fountain is fully sustainable using solar power to run a recirculating pump of Raccoon River water + Spirulina algae which pools (and then photosynthesizes) within discarded plastic toys.

2n1corner view3107
2n1 cornerview 2_3104
2n1 back corner_3112

Detail views of algal growth in the interior concavities of 2-n-1 Collect n’ Grow fountain.

fountain detail_3310

River water sourced from the Raccoon River is pumped from the tote below through the plastic forms and exits a plastic hoof; the top most element of the sculpture. Solar power and a valve control the pressure of the fountain.

The 2-n-1 Collect n’ Grow was exhibited during Des Moines Art Week 2023 at Black Cat Ice Cream. Special thanks to Rachel Buse, Group Creative Services, Invest DSM, and Wells Fargo for their support.