CYAN uses calcium hydroxide into calcium carbonate using heat, humidity and airflow. CYAN is a carbon collection method developed by Dr. Dahl Winters.

Basic construction

A cup of water is placed inside a closed container. Tubing from a small aquarium pump is submerged inside the cup of water. This may require drilling a matching hole into the side of the container. Ten grams of Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2 ) is placed into a coffee filter. The filter is placed higher than the water cup and far enough away to avoid splashes. The container is closed and the pump works in 6 hour increments. Commencing the pump, allow powder to dry before weighing. The difference in weight times 1.4 is the total weight of carbon collected from the atmosphere by the device. The powder can be mixed in with any soil for disposal. 

Our initial experiments in carbon capture were based in CYAN.