As artists with our own individual practices we have devised a set of rules to guide our collaborative process. By sharing these rules we hope to engage in a dialogue regarding  the challenges of collaboration, shared visions, and individual values. Our set of rules are grouped into categories of impact, materials, collaboration, and research and are as follows: 


First goal for each sculpture is to achieve carbon neutrality for itself

Calculate to the greatest degree possible the carbon footprint involved with each sculpture

Each sculpture should place focus on one or more of the following:

    Carbon removal and climate change advocacy
  1. Consumerism and climate intersections
  2. Viewer engagement and involvement


When at all possible use found or collected materials with an emphasis on single use items or non-recyclables.

When at all possible any purchased material should be sourced locally.


Direct Air Carbon Capture workshops should be included in any exhibition or lecture

Any and all collaboration with similar or other fields should be sought after and encouraged


Research on carbon collection efficiency and varying methods should be ongoing with each work and shared without fees.

Ongoing research into how DAC tech can be implemented and integrated into artmaking, including public art, commercial design.